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losing weight while pregnantLosing Weight While Pregnant

YES! It is possible!

I know we have all heard the pregnancy horror stories of women putting on so much weight during pregnancy, then taking forever, if it happens at all, to get the weight back off again!

What if I told you it is possible to have a healthy pregnancy, lose weight and possibly even end up looking better than you did before you got pregnant!

What if you could defy the baby weight myth, attain holistic health for you and your baby with a simple new fitness and nutrition breakthrough?


Not only can you lose weight while pregnant you can also;

  • Steadily improve your fitness level safely and comfortably throughout your pregnancy.
  • Avoid many of the physical aches and pains like swollen ankles and wrists, sore back, and strained shoulders.
  • You can ease the roller-coaster hormone-induced emotional battle and feel great the ENTIRE 9 months of your pregnancy!
  • Actually BOOST your energy levels and put more pep in your step (your girlfriends will wonder how you are doing it).
  • Have confidence that you are eating the right foods to give you and your baby the nutrients you need to stay in top physical condition.

Oh, and one more thing

Ignore the Baby-Fat Myth!

You can ignore the baby-fat nonsense. It is 100% possible to drop your baby fat within months of delivery.

Losing weight while pregnant is possible and can be achieved safely!

<<Find Out How Here>>

The Fit and Healthy Pregnancy Guide

Is a complete program designed by women for women.

Laura Flynn and Michelle Ladd combined their knowledge as a diet and nutrition expert (Laura) and an exercise physiologist, trainer and holistic lifestyle coach (Michelle). To produce a program that is a safe and effective way to guarantee results.

Find out more about Laura and Michelle Here!

Losing Weight While Pregnant

Its a fact that with the right combination of nutrition and exercise during and after your pregnancy will have you dropping that extra weight in no time flat.

Here’s what you’ll learn with the Fit and Healthy Pregnancy System

• Easy exercises and stretches that anyone at any fitness level can do just about anywhere (I’ll show you exactly how to perform the exercises with clear step-by-step illustrations).

• The safe way to add cardio to your exercise routine and boost your energy.

• Equipment-Free exercises that will keep weight gain minimal and keep you limber.

• How to customize your stretching program for your fitness level and body type. (And the 3 “Secret Muscles” that pregnant women need to stretch….).

• The secret to eliminating 90% of pregnancy aches, pains, and discomfort – it has to do with your spine and it’s the foundation of my program.

• How to keep your “bump in front” and fight gaining weight in the wrong places.

• A custom-designed strength training program that is simple, safe and guaranteed to keep your joints and ligaments pain free.

• Key precautions you must take to keep you and baby safe.

• Real-world advice on Fatigue, stretch marks, morning sickness, high-blood pressure, miscarriage, gestational diabetes, C-Section, and more.

• Why some fats are essential for a healthy pregnancy (you won’t hear this anywhere else).

• The right nutrients for boosting your baby’s brain development.

The “Baby Blues remedy” every mom should have in their cupboard; and

That’s just the beginning!

Get these essential, losing weight while pregnant tools!

  • The fit and healthy pregnancy guide
  • Personal Email Coaching
  • Fit and healthy  pregnancy childbirth hypnosis solution CD
  • Fit and healthy “stress free” hypnosis CD
  • And 3 more bonus gifts


losing weight during pregnancy

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