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wedding weight lossWedding Weight Loss

Weight loss in time for a wedding would have to one of the main motivations for  people to reach their goal weight in a certain period of time.

It’s that once in a lifetime (hopefully), event where you stand up and confess your love to someone, in front  of your closest family and friends, and then take rolls and rolls of film (I know, digital cameras don’t use film) to remember the whole occasion, over and over again for the rest of your  life!

Not looking as good as your ever going to get, is NOT an option here, right?

Losing weight in time for your wedding can be stressful (as if organizing a wedding was not stressful enough), and incredibly difficult to get the desired results if you don’t go about it the right way.


Wedding Weight Loss on a Time frame

Unless your waiting for the right moment to elope, then you should have a fair idea of the time frame you have to get everything organized for the wedding as well as work on yourself fitting into that dream wedding dress.

The first thing you will need is a realistic time frame and a realistic goal.

Safe weight loss is around half a kilo a week, so if you have set your weight loss goal as 10 kilo’s, then you will need around five to six months to reach your goal weight safely.

Set weight loss goalsWhy safe weight loss?

You might have noticed that I have said “safe weight loss” several times already, and I can’t stress enough the importance of this, especially for such a huge event as your wedding day.

Attempting any kind of weight loss using methods that may have an initial dramatic impact on your weight, will usually have an opposite and even more dramatic effect on your health and possibly cause you to gain weight, right when you want to be at your healthiest and looking your best.

Don’t take the risk of a quick fix as it may back fire and have serious consequences!

Diet and Exercise

The combination of good dietary advice, and a good exercise plan, is usually the key, to not only lower stress (by exercising)  leading up to the big day, but to achieving your goals and be in good health on the day.

Set a plan as soon as you have set a date!

Seeing a dietitian, nutritionist, personal trainer or other fitness professional, sh0uld be on your list of things to do, right beside, organise wedding cake and hire harp player!

Getting started the right way, will guarantee success, and not cause you to have to gamble as the date gets closer, as to whether you will need that dress adjusted AGAIN!

Wedding execisesDangers of diet alone

The dangers of weight loss fro m diet only can vary in different people and depend on the amount of weight you are trying to lose.

First thing that becomes a problem with any weight loss, is that before the weight loss, fat cells pushed out under the skin, stretching it, or causing un-sightly areas such as cellulite.

Once these fat cells are reduced due to diet, under the skin where the fats cells use to be, is now empty space, and the skin may now sag in these areas, if lean muscle tissue is not built to replace these fat cells, and encourage the skin to be active and tighten over these areas.

Producing lean muscle tissue has to be done with weight bearing exercises, such as light resistance training.

Skin, nails and hair

The second problem associated with diet only weight loss, is that if you are reducing your intake of certain foods, or nutrients such as fats and proteins, this can cause major problems with the growth of healthy skin, nails and hair.

You may have lost weight for your wedding, but getting any close up photo’s might not be so pretty!

Reaching your Goal Weight in Time for the Big Day

Most weight loss goals are achievable if given the right amount of time and with a smart approach to it.

Set your goals the day you set your date, and get the help you need with the right diet and exercise advice as soon as possible to ensure safe and effective results to make it a day you will always WANT to remember!

<<Find a weight loss program to suit your needs and time frame, to reach your goal weight sooner!>>


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