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Energy in Versus Energy Out

Input vs output for weight lossEnergy Input VS Energy Output

A Simple formula for energy input verses energy output can make a huge difference to getting results!


Most of you already know that the best way to get ahead financially is the simple formula of SPEND less $$$$ than you MAKE!

So unless you are either giving it away or losing it, then common sense says you should be saving it. Right?

Well, the same is true for fat loss and weight management.

Food Intake should equal exercise output if you want to maintain your current weight.

Therefore to lose weight, EAT LESS CALORIES THAN YOU BURN!

Think of it as Calories eaten (ENERGY IN) = the unnecessary high calorie foods you put in your mouth, and calories burnt (ENERGY OUT) = using them up through the day and extra exercise.

You increase          your exercise activity and

 decrease            the amount of calories you eat

(Both within healthy recommended guidelines) You should in fact LOSE WEIGHT!

 SOUNDS SIMPLE DOESN’T IT? Weight loss confusion

Well, it does if you know the amount of calories you need to eat each day to stay healthy for your particular sex, height, weight and age and current health status.

As well as the type, amount and intensity of the current activity you are doing.

Other things to consider are: how much energy should I reduce my input by (what caloric level should I aim for) and what are the most effective activities to do to increase my energy output?

How long do I aim to do exercise for each day? How long should I do this for, what if I don’t feel like it today and what happens if I don’t stick to it as much as I said I would?? Arggggh!!

Just got a whole lot more complicated didn’t it!!

 IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BEConfusing weight loss!

 All of these things can be worked out for you by a Personal Trainer. Most goood trainers have simple formula tools, the knowledge and experience to guide you through these steps and help implement what is right for you.

It may not be the simple answer to the age old question “How do I lose weight?” and of course everyone is an individual with their goals, needs, capabilities and available time, but if you can work those two main factors out (energy in vs energy out)  and you have the motivation to lose weight, you will have a much better chance of getting the results you are after!

Reach my goal weight

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